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Colleen Millsteed

COLLEEN MILLSTEED has been writing poetry for over 40 years and it is through her extensive portfolio that this Battle Angel collection evolved, drawing from her life experiences.


Most frequent questions and answers

My desire to help women find the inspiration and strength to never give up on life. To find their resilience and to know they are never alone. To help women find their inner strength. Their own internal Battle Angel.

To inspire women of all ages.
To explore their love of reading, their enjoyment of poetry and to discover their own belief in themself.
The words in each poem explores the struggles, the trauma, the pain and darkness we face in life, along with the glory, beauty and strength we gain with every lesson learned and battle won.
I’ve taken each and every obstacle I’ve faced in my life and poured it into the words in this book. My writing has been one of my greatest tools in my toolbox to help me cope and deal with the difficult emotions experienced by every loss and fight.